Trauma Informed Manifestation Coaching

If you're ready for ease in living your wildly authentic life, and you've been committed to being intentional about how you're showing up, yet you know that having a co-collaborator would help you hold your vision as you work through the muck that keeps you stuck on your way to creating the life you daydream about then you're in the right place.

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Learning to manifest is a process of healing and stripping away conditioning we picked up through trauma...

If you've ever felt like...

  • You're doing all the things to stay "high-vibe" yet you still feel stuck
  • You see people making claims of incredible manifestations and you question how truthful they're being (or justify their experience as something not available to you)
  • Like you're living in a low grade survival mode, not really the worst, but definitely not thriving
  • You have visions of the way you want to be living, but you put it off for another time (due to the above mentioned survival mode)
  • You may have codependent tendencies, but you're not sure what that would have to do with any of this (hint: it has everything to do with all of this)

Hi there! I'm Nicole.

I teach women that manifestation is a healing process in which we need to strip away the conditioning that led to us abandoning ourselves in order to create a sense of safety or feeing loved through the trauma experienced, so we can reconnect with our most authentically magnetic selves. 


I came by the practice of manifestation with a desire for ease in a life that felt way too hard for way too long and found that as I navigated my own healing journey, the traditional manifestation messages that are steeped in surface level positivity and “high-vibes only” messaging left me feeling like I still wasn’t “good enough” to live a life that I craved.


Now I work with women to help them fall in love with themselves and their lives through the combination of breaking down old paradigms of unworthiness, gaining mindful awareness of their trauma AND beginning to have faith in the powerful support of the Universe. Through co-collaboration, we can create the life you daydream about, together. 

This sounds a little frivolous. Is manifestation coaching really necessary?

Learning to manifest and be a conscious creator of your life can be the key to making anything you desire a reality. If this path to what you want calls to you, then it may be for you. 

Investing in a one on one coach is a big decision. It can be life changing to have someone by your side, co-creating with you. Someone who is not attached to your stories. But there are a lot of big claims in the coaching industry, particularly in the manifestation space. 

The truth is, having a coach can help you make magic happen much more quickly than if you go it alone, but you want to be sure that the coach has the skills to guide you through the challenging moments that are likely to arise, AND you want to be sure you're ready. 

Here's what I recommend:

1. Ask yourself if you're up for the work of taking 100% ownership. Of doing the work no matter what boundaries you need to set, and of acknowledging when you've missed the mark and asking for help to course correct. This will help you determine if you're ready. 

2. Ask your potential coach about their experience with the challenges that are unique to your path, and how they might be prepared to help you navigate through them. This will help you determine if the coach you're speaking with is equipped to guide you.

3. Check in with your gut. Does this partnership feel like a good fit? Do you feel desperate, like this better work or your life will fall apart? Trust yourself. This is a decision that you need to feel good about. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Through these intimate sessions, we will creatively converse together as we map out the vision you have for your life and the what it is you're working towards. The beauty of bringing in a co-collaborator that isn't attached to your stories is that I see everything you envision as fully possible, so when you share your blocks, I will be there. to gently guide you around them.

In between Support

Rarely are we able to set an intention and simply let it come through without any blocks. As we dig into the deeply healing manifestation work, you will have moments of panic, uncertainty and fear, and that's when I will be there to hold the vision so you can recalibrate without going down the spiral and letting it all go. 

Curious about why it matters to be "trauma-informed" when it comes. to manifestation?

Go check out my interview on The Radical Mother Village Podcast to learn more. 

Christa Bevan

Clarity on understanding and knowing and believing that I could have what I wanted in life and feeling like it was not only probable but also possible. After spending so many years thinking about and dreaming about and journaling about the things I wanted without actually feeling like I was making progress with them, working with Nicole actually helped me start to see the results in my life and created the space for magic to actually happen. 

Melissa Lehman

I’m grateful to Nicole for helping me get unstuck in my thoughts and feelings to overcome some recurring obstacles that I felt like I’d struggle with forever. She’ll patiently listen to your challenges and help you untangle your negative feelings around them. Taking that emotional “sting” out of the equation then allows you to approach the problem from a more grounded perspective. She’s your champion for helping you to recognize that your needs matter and trusting your value. More importantly, Nicole will help you do something about it. She provides actionable ideas for gracefully asserting your right to have your needs acknowledged and met. And she keeps it simple. Nicole helps you achieve big change from small steps that never feel overwhelming or beyond your ability. And she does it all with this amazing knack for balancing accountability and grace. If you’re considering working with Nicole, I’d tell you to stop waiting – allow her to be your graceful guide to overcoming obstacles and believing in your value. 

Deep Dive Manifestation Conversation


What's Included

  • In-Depth Pre-Assessment
  • One 90-minute 1:1 session
  • 1 week of unlimited Voxer support (during office hours)
  • Investment can be applied towards 90 Day Wildly Authentic program
I'm ready

Co-Create: 3 months 1:1 manifestation coaching


What's Included:

  • 4 Monthly 1 hour 1:1 sessions
  • In between Voxer support (during office hours)
  • Customized hypnosis recording 
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* If within 2 weeks of doing the Deep Dive Manifestation Conversation, you decide that you want to do the 3-month Manifestation Coaching, you can apply your full Deep Dive investment to the monthly coaching program price.


Are you ready to stop taking the slow path to creation and dig into your epic uplevel?

If you know you want to create more in your life, to stop asking for permission to want a wildly beautiful life without limits to your time, money and outdated beliefs, then I can't wait to play in the creative realms with you and make magic happen. 

I'm ready to learn more!