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How to Find Yourself While You're In Between Relationships So You Don’t Lose Yourself Within Relationships

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During this training you're going to learn:

  • The 4 most valuable questions to ask yourself that will help you finally unpack the baggage from relationships past so you’re not just lugging it around into each new relationship

  • The 1 secret that will set you up to call in ONLY the most aligned and perfect partnership… for you

  • The missing link that keeps you from being a match for the "right" partnership, and instead keeps you settling on partnerships that aren't the a fit
  •  The 3 myths that may cause you to settle in future relationships and ultimately find yourself feeling stuck and frustrated again


Can You Relate...

  • Maybe you spent much of your adult life in relationships that ultimately kept you feeling stuck and now you are super clear on what you don't want again... but not so sure what it is that you do want
  • You want lasting love someday, but you might fear repeating old patterns that haven't served you in the past
  • You're a little apprehensive about getting back out there because you just don't want to be left heartbroken and alone. AGAIN.
  • Yet sometimes the loneliness makes you question which is worse... and you find yourself mindlessly scrolling apps hoping to find someone, but feeling a bit disheartened about what's available

If you want these things, this training is for you...

Why focus on making the most of our life as a single women... when what we truly want is lasting love?


If you've ever found yourself in a long-term committed partnership with someone who truly wasn't a fit, or where you didn't feel fully supported or safe, but you also were soooo scared to leave, then you understand the desire to do better next time. 

I know this lesson all too well as I got out of one emotionally abusive marriage to an alcoholic and went almost immediately into a second marriage with much of the same qualities.

Leaving two marriages was devastating, but I knew I would never self-abandon again in relationship, and I wanted to be far more clear about what I desired in a future partnership BEFORE I ended up in another relationship and potentially put myself in a scenario where I had to leave again.

It was time to find myself, get to know me, and fall in love with the life I was creating... with or without a partner. 

Years later, I know what it feels like to say "no" to relationships that could be good, but not great. 

I know what it feels like to walk into a room and feel completely magnetic. 

I am F*CKING proud of the life I've built for my kids and I, and I have taken some truly audacious actions to pursue the dreams that I had always put on the back burner when I felt stuck in relationships that weren't the best fit for me.

Free Training

Let me teach you how to love the f*ck out of your life as a single woman so that you eventually magnetize the relationship of your dreams... only after you're done having a blast on your own!!!

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