Ready to start manifesting with the moon? 

One of the most powerful ways of becoming magnetic to everything you desire is through using rituals as checkpoints in our day to day life as a way to get back into alignment and reconnect with our intentions.

I used this exact ritual to manifest:

  • Quadrupling my monthly income within 4 months
  • Healing from sexual trauma
  • The summer of my dreams, complete with fun, play and memories for me & my kids

Moon rituals are a powerful way to integrate rituals without a daily commitment so that you can begin to build a foundation of rituals into your month and then slowly (or fast) you can add rituals wherever you feel called to and watch the creative force in your life multiply.

Get instant access to this FREE moon ritual guide so that you can start to harness the power of the moon to create the life you dream of.

Learn everything you need to get started practicing moon rituals

  • How to use the different energies of the new vs. the full moon
  • Journal prompts to help your intuition guide you towards your desired manifestations
  • Manifestation practices that can be used during your moon rituals as well as anytime you're wanting to align your energy with what you're wanting to create

I’m Nicole, a trauma informed manifestation coach. I’m here to help you fall in love with yourself and your life by owning your inherent worthiness.

I am the founder and creator of Wildly Worthy Women, where I teach women that manifestation is a creative, playful, and healing process in which they strip away the conditioning that led them to abandon themselves in order to create a sense of safety or feeling loved through the trauma they experienced, so they can reconnect with their most authentically magnetic selves. 

I came by the practice of manifestation with a desire for ease in a life that felt way too hard for way too long and found that as I navigated my own healing journey, the traditional manifestation messages that are steeped in surface level positivity and “high-vibes only” messaging left me feeling like I still wasn’t “good enough” to live a life that I craved.

It was through the combination of breaking down old paradigms of unworthiness, gaining mindful awareness of my own trauma AND beginning to have faith in the powerful support of the Universe that I began to see major shifts that still blow my mind to this day.